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Circular for Address and Correspondance with State Information Commission - Dt. 24-02-2006

Circular for getting Booklet of RTI Act, 2005 - Dt. 24-02-2006

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Second Apl/comp Form

Form-A (Application form for obtaining information)

From-B (Deposit fee and Charges)

Form-C (Supply and rejection of information to the applicant)

Form-D (Transfer of application another public authority)

Form-E (First Appeal)

Undertaking Form

Second Apl/comp Form winword

 Shri D. P. Thaker
State Chief Information Commissioner
Shri R. R. Varasani
Shri K. M. Adhvaryu 
Shri Virendra P. Pandya
Shri Ramesh J. Karia


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The Names & Designations of The Public Information Officers & Appellate Officers

Public Relation Officer & Section Officer

Mr. G. V. Patel

Phone - 079-232-57314

Public Information Officer & Deputy Secretary

Mr. A. M. Patel

Phone - 079-232-55760

Appellate Officer & Secretary

Mr. N. H. Gadhavi

Phone - 079-232-52966

Mobile - 9978405829

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