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E-Application-How to Apply

Method of Seeking Information:

A Citizen who desires to obtain any information under the Act, should make an application to the Public Information Officer of the concerned public authority in writing in English or Hindi of in the official language of the area in which the application is made. The application should be precise and specific. He should make payment of application fee at the time of submitting the application as prescribed in the Fee Rules. The Applicant can send the application by post of through electronic means or can deliver it personally in the office of the public authority.

Gujarat Information Commission Online Facilities on line filling of RTI Complaint and Appeal with the Gujarat Information Commission. A citizen who desires to file Complaint or Appeal with the Gujarat Information Commission under the Act, may apply through on line.

Gujarat Information Commission

Instructions as to filling of second Appeal

  • The Applicant may visit website of Gujarat Information commission, i.e.
  • Click on “E-Application”
  • Fill in the particulars such as particulars of Applicant, Public Information Officer and Appellate Officer
  • Upload Form K, Reply of Public Information Officer as well as Appellate Officer
  • Click on “Submit Application”
  • Now it is your E-Application and it is received in the office of Gujarat Information Commission there after the office of “Gujarat Information Commission” informs video email to you about receiving your second Appeal
  • This Enable Auto Email Send

f you are not convenient or it you fail then another email of Gujarat information Commission is available which is “”

On this i.e. Email you can file second appeal by uploading required documents as shown above at sr. No. 3 and 4.

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