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Operational GuideLines


All PIOs are expected to receive application fees and charges payable under clause (b) of rule 5 may be paid in cash wherever facility of cash receipt is available or by demand draft or by pay order or by Indian Postal Order or by Chelan credited in the Government Treasury through authorized banks in the budget head 0070- Other administrative services, 60-other services, 800-other receipts, (17)-fees and other charges under these rules.

Rate of Fees for Govt. of Gujarat: Rs. 20/- per application.

Other fees and charges:

(1) Information /documents to be provided where a separate system or procedure or fees/charges for providing copy does not exist in a Public Authority-

(a) A4, A3 size paper : Rs. 2/- per page

(b) Larger size paper : Amount of actual cost.

(2) For inspection of records where a separate system or procedure or fees/charges does not exist in a Public Authority-

(a) No fees for the first half an hour.

(b) Rs. 20/- for each half an hour thereafter.

(3) An amount of actual cost for providing sample, model or photographs where a separate system or procedure or fees/charges does not exist in a Public Authority. (4) Rs. 50/- per floppy or disc for information to be furnished in a floppy or a disc, wherever possible.

Any information available in the form of publication : Actual Price of publication.

For samples, model or photographs : Amount of Actual cost.

Note: Procedure stipulated by the Department of the sample or the model shall have to be followed.

No fees and charges prescribed in clause (b) of rule 5 shall be payable by a person belonging to the BPL families if such person encloses with the application a certified copy or a true copy of the BPL Card or, the certificate issued in that behalf by the concerned authority.

As per the Gujarat High Court (Right to Information) Rules, 2005Fees and Charges are as Under:

(1) The authorized person shall charge the fee at the following rates, namely:

(A) Application Dee.

(i) Information relating to Tenders documents/bids/ Quotation/business contract:

Five hundred Rupeesper application.

(ii) Information other than

Fifty rupees

(i) Above per application

(B) Other Fees-


Description of Information.

Price/Fee in Rpees.


Where the information is available in the form of a priced publication.

Price so fixed.


For other than priced publication rupees

Five per page.


The amount received towards application fees in cash during the month and deposited through treasury Chelan in the budget head 0070-other administrative services, 60 – other services, 800 – other receipt, (17) fees and other charges under these rules.


If the information is not available with the Public Information Officer and has to be brought from other Officer with whom it is available the PIO should immediately send a copy of the request to the concerned Officer with the request to furnish the information expeditiously.


The Public Authority/Head of Office shall consider to create a cell to deal with these matters and ensure that the Public Information Officer of his office gets all assistance to discharge his duties properly. All logistic support along with the manpower should be placed at his disposal for smooth discharge of his assignment.


All the orders passed in the file by the PIO either providing the information or rejecting the application must be clear, unambiguous and self-explanatory.


On receipt of the application a file has to be opened and entered in the file Register as prescribed by Government.


The Public Information Officer will be the custodian of these records and on his transfer he will handover the charge to his successor. The PIO and his successor will sign in the Register as token of handing over and taking over of the charges.


The file movement register has to be carefully maintained so that the information can be made available at a given point of time.


(a) The name of Public Information Officer and Appellate Authority of Public Authority needs to be published as provided in the RTI Act-2005.
(b) The following information will be prominently displayed in front of the Office if Public Information Officer at various level of different administrative units under control of each Department.
(i) Name and Designation of Public Information Officer.
(ii)Name and Designation of Appellate Authority.


Top priority should be given for suo-motu dissemination of maximum information in order to reduce the number of information seekers.


Each Appellate Authority will maintain a Register in the following proforma.
(a) Sl. No. of Appeal.
(b) Name of the Appellant.
(c) Date of Receipt of the appeal.
(d) Date of providing opportunity to the requester.
(e) Due date of disposal.
(f) Final date of disposal.
(g) Reasons for delay, if any.

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